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Conditions of acquisition of a kit from our ferretry

  • Kits are sold under the contract only to loving families where they will not spend most of time in cages. The buyer obligates to inform us about the well-being of the kit on a regular basis.
  • Our kits are sold not earlier than 10 weeks old.
  • All kits at the time they are ready to leave our home are vaccinated against canine distemper, have EU pet passports and microchips.
  • If a kit stays with us up till 3 months old it also gets a booster shot against distemper and a shot against rabies.
  • Leaving our home all kits will get their dowry consisting of food for the beginning, litter, pictures from birth and anything else we decide to add.
  • Before making a decision whether to sell a kit to a potential buyer everyone is asked to fulfill a questionnaire about their ferret knowledge and expectations.
  • We very rarely sell kits for breeding and this is not an easy decision, however we are glad to sell a kit to a good breeder with similar believes on the condition that we will be informed about all future breedings, offsprings and etc. i.e. it is necessary that we work together and keep in touch.
  • When we will not sell a kit

  • We will never sell kits to pet shops or any mini zoos, therefore please do not bother to ask.
  • We will not sell a kit to a minor without a consent of parents.
  • We will not sell a kit for breeding with fancy color ferrets (black-self included) or angoras. Dear fellow breeders who do breed such ferrets - we do not want to get into conflict as we respect your work even if we have different believes, therefore do all us a favor do not ask.
  • Kits are sold directly to final owners only . They neither can be given to someone for further transfer nor can they be shipped. Exceptions are possible if we have already met the owner personally.
  • Request to sell a kit cheaper but without a microchip and/or passport will not even be considered.