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May 13, 2003 Feb 08, 2005
Sex: female
Color: sable
Breeder: Kaunas Zoo
Cause of death: lymphoma

Shnewerka was my first ferret and everyone who has a ferret will immediately know what this means.

First ferret introduces you to the wonderful world of ferrets and first ferret becomes responsible for the ferret mania that follows. No doubt that we will love all the other ferrets we will take care of in our life and will miss them greatly after they leave us but the first ferret is a magical experience we had and will stay the FIRST ONE forever.

There are many things I need to thank Shnewrka for The main one is my husband. If not for her, Dmitry and I would have never met. Lithuanian ferret community should be grateful to her for the first ferret website in Lithuanian and for the great community we have today.

I could continue writing her a tribute which would turn out to be several pages in length but instead Id like to remember the smallest things she was so special about

She was an exceptional example of how a ferret can use a litter box without a single miss or how well you can train them. I spent all my free time with her and got the response. She would follow my demands almost like a dog. If we had a food on the table, a single no, leave it would do the trick and she would leave the plate untouched. I cannot imagine my present ferrets listening to me as well as she did. It makes you wonder how a ferret could resist stealing something valuable and tasteful to them. Shnewrka would.

Other very special thing about Shnewrka was being a "chick". She was always cautious of the way she looks to others and would always be embarrassed to use her litter box in front of a human. We had to pretend that we are busy with something for her to feel free to use it. She would also hate if people where laughing because of something she did (jumped, fell, played, etc.) You could feel how shy and uncomfortable she felt during these moments.

And finally she was the first animal I had felt such a strong bond with It was like we were something one that fulfills each other. I love all my ferrets the same but I have never again experienced what we had with Shnewrka. Sliekas gives me big hopes for another special friendship though.

Unfortunately Shnewrkas life was very short but none the less very important. She taught me to hate lymphoma and she guided me towards the attitude in breeding ferrets that I have now. I felt very angry at first to have known her for such a short time. She was my first special ferret and she was taken away so soon. I see it differently now

Basically the entire website is only thanks to her and in her honour.

Enjoy browsing.


Apr 17, 2004 Aug 22, 2008
Sex: female
Color: sable
Breeder: Jone's Ferretry
Cause of death: lymphoma

Goolge was my second ferret. She was a daughter of my first ferret Shnewrka. She was special to me in many different aspects but she was also the ferret which made me understand that she is not the type of ferret Id like to continue breeding. She gave me a meaning of ferret breeding and made me realize what I wanted to achieve in my breeding lines. It might sound terrible to some but it wasnt her defect. It was her superiority. This is what Im grateful to her for..

Goolgitookas was tiny little jill with her own understanding whom to respect and whom to disregard. Im glad I always fell into the former category.

My sister who was never fond of ferrets and always loses the track of who and how many are around will never forget Goolge due her biting into my sisters toe. That was the moment my sister started to fear these little creatures and also the moment when Goolge gained immortality in her mind.

Goolge's life was two times longer when her mother Shnewrkas but taken by the same Lymphoma. Goolge's 6 siblings died at various ages because of Lymphoma as well, the oldest being 5 years old.

Since then Lymphoma is my biggest enemy and my main and most important goal is to breed Lymphoma clean lines.

If you know anything about Lymphoma in ferrets you will understand that it is very difficult and sometimes probably even impossible. But no matter that its still my first and most concentrated on thing to achieve. After my first ferret Shnewrka line - Ive been blessed to have Lymphoma-free breeding lines but I am well aware that unfortunately, genetics arent the only ones playing a role here.

If anytime in the future any of my jills offsprings will get Lymphoma I will evaluate the situation and make a decision according to that, however my first bred ferret Shnewrka and her litter of Goolge and her siblings to my mind quite obviously demonstrate that lymphoma can have genetic causes. Therefore I promised myself to close the line if any random non virus following lymphomas occurs, like I closed the line of my first bred ferret.

It is needless to say that I wanted my first ferret to stay around forever and breeding from her helped me to postpone the true loss of Shnerwka with Goolge being around for few more years but that was my mistake which I do want to share with breeder wanna-bes or breeders-to-be as I wish others involved in a ferret breeding would not have to go through the same thing I did.

RIP my dear Goolge and once again big thanks to my friend who had enough strength to make the right decision putting her to sleep when she was painfully slowly dying and I was not there for her. I knew that I left her in good hands while going on my short vacation. And I knew that I would not see her again when Id come back home.

Guga a/k/a Gugoote a/k/a Naminukas

2005 Jan 02, 2010
Sex: female
Color: wild
Breeder: Lithuanian forest
Cause of death: accident

It is hard to find the right words to describe a polecat Therefore let me tell you her story instead

Gugas way to our household was long and complicated. The lady who bought her from someone living in a deep Lithuanian farmstead as a domestic ferret could never understand why her ferret was so shy, so scared of loud sounds and movement, why she always kept a distance from human and could never completely relax.

The owner put a lot of effort trying to domesticate Gugoote. She even tried asking for some help from more experienced ferret owners, who have turned their monsters into kissing pets, but nothing ever really worked out. Finally a brilliant idea came to her mind She thought that breeding her jill and raising the kits in the surroundings of home environment and human company would finally get her a pet she longed for.

To make the story short she kicked Gugoote out of her house as soon as the kits turned 6 weeks old telling everyone that after giving birth her ferret became so aggressive that there is no other solution but euthanasia.

At that time I did not know that she was a true polecat and was curious to see that unbearable ferret and maybe give her another chance in life. To be honest the stories told by her owners raised a question about Gugas mental state but the moment I saw her everything became clear. She was a polecat! She was so cautious, so flexible, so fast, so silent and so smart. I couldnt resist hosting her.

I must say having a polecat (that feels OK to be in the house) in your household is a rewording challenge. We have found our ways of communication and the ways to be friends. We have always admired her intellectual capacities and elegant moves. Our house was like her forest and the back of the fridge was her borrow. She was really special and maybe because of this other ferrets in the household really hated her.

We spayed her but if you are curious how Gugootes kits turned out and if they became nice and calm pets I can tell you that no, they did not A huge surprise that must have been for Gugootes previous owner she kicked her out for another ferret like her.

Unfortunately the time has come for me to tell you how Gugas life ended Remember I mentioned that all the ferrets hated her? So yes one day we lost our alertness and ferrets got the polecat This encounter was fatal to Gugoote and only we humans are responsible for this


2004 Feb 09, 2011
Sex: male
Color: albino
Breeder: Lielvarde, Latvia
Cause of death: flue complication into lungs due to chronic insulinoma

The third ferret in a household. He was unplanned, unexpected, and spontaneous.

Driven by the thirst of ferret knowledge one summer day I went to Latvia to visit one ferret farm. It was not the fur farm, ferrets were bred as pets there, but to call the owner of the place a breeder would be inaccurate.

The farm owner got his breeding stock from the fur farm that was closing down and started breeding ferrets as pets. More than 90% of his ferrets were albinos and about half of them had extremely short tails or no tails at all. When I asked him why is it so he told me the strangest story ever about some accident that happened to his ferrets and I was inexperienced enough to believe such bullshit for a while.

Anyway regardless of how much I despised the place I wanted another ferret so badly and there were so many of them in front of me that I could not resist and bought one. The farmer tried to offer me few different ones but I insisted on the particular one for no reason. That was Baltooshis. I loved him with all my heart, but dear fellow please never do the thing I did do not give your money to the people who keep ferrets in terrible conditions, inbreed them with system and feed them dog food. Do not think that you can save one poor ferret as giving these people money only makes them go forward and diminish more ferrets with the money you gave for the one you saved. My reasoning was not saving poor Baltooshis. I simply could not resist getting another ferret and there were few places I could find a ferret in 2005, but until this day I still feel sorry I financially supported the place.

As it could be expected Baltooshis did not trust humans and was a terrible bitter. As we were absolutely unprepared for getting a ferret no carrier, no food, and no water we put him in the trunk of the car. It was just 4 hour journey back so he made it fine except the stress he was experiencing.

After we got back to Vilnius, we successfully managed to bring Baltooshis home with a help of my handbag. He was immediately put into the cage so bad he was. We put on shoes and gloves and opened the cage to see what our new ferret is going to do. That was unexpected It took him about half an hour to realize that a cage indeed CAN be opened. He would stick his head through the open door and move it back in with a surprise in his eyes. After 15 minutes or so he tried to put his front feet out of the cage and again was very surprised to find out that it was possible. After half an hour we had a pleasure watching his first dance of joy.

Surprisingly we gained his trust very fast. It took him only 2 weeks to realize that his life has changed forever and biting stopped immediately. He became very friendly and playful. If we tried to discipline him for some reason he would get offended and demonstratively go to sleep with sighs.

In 2008 he was diagnosed with insulinoma that for some time was easily controllable with regular food intake only until the time came to get daily prednisolone intake. He was getting prednisolone for two years and became very skinny (yes skinny, not fat) and bold (he also had suprelorin implants but the hair would not grow) but still was very active and curious.

When flu got into our house in winter of 2011 I knew this could be very bad news for Baltooshis and I was right. Flu complications spread to his lungs and antibiotics did not help at all. He was getting worse and worse until it became obvious that there is no way back and was time for a heart breaking decision of putting him to sleep.