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Sex: female
Color: pastel
Born: Apr 17, 2006
Breeder: Black Amber ferrets (Latvia)
& Jone's Ferretry (Lithuania)

One morning I received a call from my breeder friend 300 km away from Vilnius telling me that her jill gave birth to 4 kits but had no milk. At that time I had a jill (Goolge) who only had one kit so I took them both (mother and daughter) and we drew to Riga to pick up those 4 poor little ones. Reeksne was one of them.

With that said, Reeksne was technically born in Riga but have been raised by my jill and have lived in my house since the day she was born. My initial plan was to find her new owners as for the rest of her litter mates but she had different plans in her head. As it often happens, some ferrets simply choose to stay and so did she.

Originally Reeksne was hoped to become a breeding ferret but due some personal reasoning I had to change my mind and Reeksne stayed with us simply as our beloved pet.

Name Reeksne comes from Lithuanian word rkti scream. When Reeksne was a kit she was very attached to her foster mother, more so than her litter mates and as soon as she would see her foster mom disappear from her eye sight she would start screaming.

Every single ferret is somewhat special and Reeksne is no exception. Due to her behavior towards other strange ferrets we often call her migration control. She is very sweet and tender with kits and our gang of ferrets but any new smell and she becomes very aggressive! All those ferrets that seldom come to visit us or try to move in and blend among our group get a taste of Reeksnes disapproval. It is a real challenge to find some other ferret that she would gladly agree upon.

Reeksne has had Suprelorin implant since September 5th, 2009 with no signs of heat so far.


Sex: female
Color: sable
Born: 2002
Breeder: Russian back yard breeder

When Dmitry and I decided to live together, Basjaka joined us in Vilnius leaving the Moscow behind. She is our illegal immigrant as no matter how hard we tried to move her to Lithuania according to all the rules and procedures, we did not succeed. So we finally found another way. It wasnt exactly legal but was safe and she arrived to Vilnius. Currently she is the oldest ferret in our house and I have a suspicion she might be the oldest ferret in Lithuania.

She has never bitten anyone in her life and she simply would not know how to do it. As it befits the old lady Basjaka loves two things: eating and sleeping. And she enjoys both of these pleasures with great passion. She even managed to swallow the whole mouse once! Sure why take a risk of someone younger and faster stealing it!? Being this old definitely has its benefits as she is very experienced and very smart, especially when it comes to food and water. She will come to wake us during the night if the food or water bowl is empty.


Sex: female
Color: sable
Born: May 6, 2005
Breeder: Valgetuhkur (Estonia)

Hashke came to our house from Valgetuhkur ferrety in Estonia. Now she is retired breeder ferret waiting for Suprelorin implant.

She is proud mother of 4 litters and 16 kits in total. One of the most amazing things about her litters was that she has never ever lost a kit i.e. all the kits she gave birth survived. This really does not happen often.

Hashke if very independent and does not need interaction with human so much. It is hard to say if this is her true personality of this is due to the fact that she has arrived to my place right after my mothers death when I was only able to give my ferrets food and water and not much more.

I accept her and admire her the way she is and do not force her to be big friends. Of course she can stay on hands ant etc. but you can see that this is not her favorite way to be. Though she suddenly becomes very friendly when we do something in the kitchen. I always wonder why she keeps begging for human food while she never gets it.

Hashkes 4 litters where with 2 different hobs, but they all turn out to be quite similar and none of kits inherited her independency. This is probably the main reason why I think that her temper might have something to do with her first month in my house.

I really liked all of her kits that are still alive, healthy and make their owner happy. Therefore I kept her daughter Sliekas from her last litter for further breeding.

Cepelinas a/k/a Pisellino

Sex: male
Color: sable roan mitt
Born: Jun 17, 2007
Breeder: Ireland ferreter

Pisellino was born in Ireland. My ex-boyfriend purchased him as a pet when he moved to Ireland as when you are used to live with ferrets its not easy to survive when that smell is not around. Domas and Elisa named him Pisellino what in Italian means small pea.

When Domas and Elisa moved to Lithuanina Pisellino arrived with them, however after a year they had to move to Italy and asked us to take care for Pisellino for 4 months until they will be able to take him to Sicily.

During these 4 winter months Pisellino became Cepelinas what is national Lithuanian dish that looks white and round really resembles Pisellino in his winter condition and coat and we got so used to him that we refused to give him away when the time came. As it is very hot in Sicily in summer time, we all agreed that probably staying in Lithuania and in our house is in the best interest of him.

Cepelinas is extremely friendly and playful. His favorite time is about 10 in the morning when Im getting ready to go to work. Every morning Im having fun with him helping me and following me around the apartment.

Cepelinas was never used in breeding and is surgically castrated.