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Jone's SeseSliekas Jone's Convex

For 2011 we plan one litter only . This litter is indeed pretty close inbreeding that is planned and done on purpose. The main reasons for this decision were:

  • We absolutely like the body structure, temperament and (the most important) intelligence of both partners and we expect very intelligent, very friendly and very active kits.
  • Both ferrets come from lines we know well and we feel more confident to work with a material that we know instead of doing unpredictable out crossing, that we admit sometimes is very interesting and useful as well.
  • We are definitely keeping a jill after Sliekas for further breeding and we want to have choice from at least two jills from her with different sires.
  • This litter will let us know what is the recessive allele of Sliekas' C locus. It can be either pastel or albino.

Depending on our work schedule and traveling plans we might think about the second litter this year of Versjaka and Yo-Yo, as we absolutely love their kits, but we seriously doubt this.

Mating date: April 21
Expected due date: June 2
Birth date: June 1
Outcome: 8 kits
(3 male, 5 female)
Litter diary