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Black Amber Zlatenish (Yo-Yo)

Sex: male
Color: pastel
Born: Jun 3, 2007
Breeder: Black Amber Ferretry (Latvia)
Owner: Jone's Ferretry

Yo-Yo is a friendly and very playful (even while in season) ferret. He is still very active, but much less destructive when before. Young Yo-Yo in a certain amount of time he could produce so much mess in a household as 5 other ferrets in the same amount of time together.

In a ferret room he soon gets bored and starts trying to jump over the room gate. When he was younger he thought that all the doors in the household have a gate that can be jumped over. When he would get bored running around the apartment he would try to jump over imaginary gate at the exterior door. This is how he got his name Yo-Yo. He does not jump at the over doors in a household anymore, but still continues to do so when he is in a ferret room. The gate is 70 cm high and unfortunately for him he never made it. It is believed that the dream can be fulfilled though children his son Convex does that with one simple and easy jump.

I wish to add that I absolutely love all the kits he produced with Versjaka. They are very friendly, inventive and well build. The oldest know birth year of a relative in his pedigree is 2003.

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ferret parents grandparents 3th

Black Amber Zlatenish (Yo-Yo)

b: Jun 3, 2007 Latvia br: Black Amber
ow: Jone's Ferretry
c: pastel

siblings: Black Amber Askold Black Amber Ufo Black Amber Mustafa Black Amber Mikijs Black Amber Baiba Black Amber Latte Black Amber Simona Black Amber Febe Black Amber Nika Black Amber Debora Black Amber Shkurka


b: 2006 Poland c: pastel

n/a n/a

Black Amber Zlata

b: May 14, 2005 Russia br: D. Kalinin
ow: Black Amber
c: pastel


b: Aug 17, 2003 Russia d: Feb 2, 2008
br: furfarm
c: pastel


b: May 2003 Russia d: Oct 2009
ow: D. Kalinin
c: pastel


Russia c: albino


Russia c: pastel

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d date of death
c color
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ow owner
Red female
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