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ACH's Phoenix (Versjaka)

Sex: female
Color: pastel
Born: Apr 24, 2008
Breeder: ACH's Ferrets (Finland)
Owner: Jone's Ferretry

One day I realized that I really like the temper and exterior of our hob Yo-Yo and I also like the exterior and temper of all the kits ever born to his mother Zlata who lives in a household of Black Amber ferrety. This led me to the idea to try formula breeding with him. Therefore we got Versjaka.

Versjaka came from a Finish breeder and was meant to be bred to Yo-Yo from the very beginning. The formula breeding that was planned is concentrated on Yo-Yos mother Zlata who is also the paternal grandmother of Versjaka.

Now after Versjaka and Yo-Yo have already got two litters I am happy to conclude that the idea was good and worked out well. All Versjakas kits are strong, smart, well build and have a very nice temperament.

Madam Versjaka is an active and smart ferret. She can jump higher than an average ferret though not so easy as it does Sliekas. These two girls are very alike in their capacities and these are the ferrets I like monkey type that are smart, good climbers and jumpers. Maybe because they are so similar you can notice obvious competition during the season between these two.

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ACH's Phoenix

b: Apr 24, 2008 Finland br: ACH's Ferrets
ow: Jone's Ferretry
c: pastel

siblings: ACH's Fire (Nala) ACH's Ice ACH's Mystique (Musti) ACH's Nightcrawler (Pena) ACH's Juggernaut ACH's Sabretooth ACH's Pyro ACH's Colossus (Hugo) ACH's Iceman X

Black Amber
Alexander the Great

b: Aug 10, 2006 Latvia br: Black Amber
ow: ACH
c: pastel


b: Jun 14, 2005 Latvia c: pastel


b: 2004 Latvia d: Aug 5, 2005
ow: Black Amber
c: sable



b: 2004 Latvia d: 2006
c: albino

Black Amber Zlata

b: May 14, 2005 Russia br: D. Kalinin
ow: Black Amber
c: pastel


b: Aug 17, 2003 Russia d: Feb 2, 2008
br: furfarm
c: pastel



b: May 2003 Russia d: Oct 2009
ow: D. Kalinin
c: pastel


Russia c: albino


Russia c: pastel


b: May 27, 2006 Germany d: Aug 2010
ow: ACH
c: pastel

Ls Dad

b: May 2005 Germany c: pastel

Ls Ds D

Germany c: pastel


Ls Ds M

Germany c: pastel

Ls Mom

b: Jul 2004 Germany br: DE
c: sable

Ls Ms D

Germany c: albino

Ls Ms M

b: May 2000 Germany c: sable

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d date of death
c color
br breeder
ow owner
Red female
Blue male