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Jone's SeseSliekas

Sex: female
Color: sable
Born: Nov 21, 2008
Breeder: Jone's Ferretry
Owner: Jone's Ferretry

One will admit that if you keep quite a lot pets in your household you dearly love them all, however there got to be the favorite one. And yes its Sliekas.

I admire her endless energy, inventive mind, climbing abilities and joy of life. She is not a ferret that loves to sleep on your lap. She can do it but its so boring that shed better do something else. She has so many things to do that even eating is boring for her. Of course she does eat, but she tries to finish that boring obligation as fast as she can so she could run and do something more interesting. I have the same habit. Eating is an obligation rather than a pleasure to me and sometimes watching Sliekas eat I feel like watching my own behavior. This and many more little things make her my sole mate and the most special ferret in the house.

Sliekas is a kit from the last Hashkes litter intentionally kept for breeding. I really liked Hashkes kits in the light of their temper and health and I hope that Sliekas kits will be at least the same or even better.

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Jone's SeseSliekas

b: Nov 21, 2008 Lithuania br/ow: Jone's Ferretry
c: sable

siblings: Jone's Mazgis Jone's Knopkyte Jone's JM Guti Jone's Vaija Jone's Spirit Jone's Tonis Jone's Tonis 2 Jone's Otis Jone's Gucis

Black Amber
Zlatenish (Yo-Yo)

b: Jun 3, 2007 Latvia br: Black Amber
ow: Jone's Ferretry
c: pastel


b: 2006 Poland c: pastel

n/a n/a

Black Amber Zlata

b: May 14, 2005 Russia br: D. Kalinin
ow: Black Amber
c: pastel


b: Aug 17, 2003 Russia d: Feb 2, 2008
br: furfarm
c: pastel


b: May 2003 Russia d: Oct 2009
ow: D. Kalinin
c: pastel


Russia c: albino


Russia c: pastel

Valgetuhkur Hashke

b: May 6, 2005 Estonia br: Valgetuhkur
ow: Jone's Ferretry
c: sable

Black Panther

b: Jul 17, 2002 Denmark d: Aug 3, 2009
br: Ferpharm
ow: Naatalan fretit
c: sable

Ferpharms K90

Denmark br/ow: Ferpharm
c: sable


Ferpharms K430

b: 2002 Denmark br/ow: Ferpharm
c: sable


b: Apr 6, 2004 Estonia ow: Valgetuhkur
c: sable


b: 2003 Estonia d: Jun 25, 2005
c: sable


b: 2003 Russia d: Oct 2009
c: sable

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d date of death
c color
br breeder
ow owner
Red female
Blue male