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We are a couple Dmitry and Jone, living in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

We live in an apartment that we share with all our ferrets. Most of the time they have a free run around all our premises that are ferret-proofed accordingly. They also have a special ferret room if we need to isolate them for a short time for some reason. We almost never use cages except if it's extremely necessary for heavy-duty house cleaning or isolating a hob in season. Even hobs in season that have to spend some time in cages do get their everyday runs all around the apartment.

We keep all our oldsters with us until their time comes and consider giving away the retired breeders as an unfair behavior.

We feed our ferrets whole pray and whole carcass raw diet and very seldom use some best commercially available kibble in some circumstances.

Everyone is always welcome to visit our family and meet our ferrets.

Besides having fun with ferrets and breeding, we also judge at ferret shows in various countries. So far we have been judging in ferret shows that took place Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Norway. The next show where we will be judging will take place in Denmark.

We are also the creators and administrators of two ferret social websites: - in Lithuanian and - in Russian that are devoted to education of the ferret owners and forming ferret lovers community.


Dmitry started breeding ferrets in 2002. Up till 2007 he lived in Moscow, Russia and bred his ferrets there. As at the moment Dmitry and me moved together I already had my two main breeding lines, therefore making decisions about breeding plans and finding new owners for the kits in our ferretys everyday life is mainly my prerogative; however Dmitry does help a lot with advices and assists in a day to day work.

I started breeding ferrets in 2004. If at the very beginning my ferret knowledge and breeding believes would have been the same like they are now I would be breeding sable ferrets only. However almost accidentally I ended up having two fabulous pastel ferrets with nice health records of their relatives, producing very nice kits and see no reason to close the lines just because the pastel color that we do not consider fancy, therefore we breed sables, pastels and albinos.

Our breeding goals

We consider fancy ferret color breeding as unethical. Besides white markings and angora ferrets our understanding of fancy includes black-selves. We have many good friends among ferret breeders who breed these colors and we respect their choice and their work, however this does not change our personal opinion about the ethics and future prospects of such breeding.

In our breeding the biggest attention is payed to the health issues. We keep track of the health issues of all the ferrets that were born in our ferretry and also about the relatives of our breeding ferrets all around the world as much as we can.

We absolutely hate that the majority of ferrets in Lithuania, and not only, in average live 45 years or less. We do believe that ferrets can and should live at least up to 10 (sometimes even more) and have a potential to have at least 8 years as an average life-span for the domestic population. This is our primary goal in breeding. Sadly we have to admit that we do realize that one can never achieve it alone unless he or she has a huge breeding stock and that is not our case, therefore we truly encourage other breeders to keep good, accurate and honest health records about the animals they breed and produce and find strength to close the lines if they appear to have inherited health issues.

We have collected much more health information about our ferrets than can be put in the pedigree, therefore if you are interested in buying a kit from us please feel free to ask.


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